Saturday, April 11, 2009

an integrity oriented lifestyle...

I think I've forgotten to tell you guys this, or maybe I've been sworn to secrecy. I can't remember. Anyway, the Brians have a stalker! Like a legit, temporary restraining order ("TRO"), sends them flowers stalker. This has actually been going on for years and they regale their guests with the tale at dinner parties. I'm over at their gorgeous home all the time, so I'm gloriously privy to the details of the saga. But tonight at dinner, we realized TarBaby and Big Chris had no idea what I was talking about when the pugs would bark at the windows and I'd respond, "The stalker must be here."
"You have a stalker?!?"
The Brians played it down a bit, but not me. My friends have a real live stalker. This is something I'd put on t-shirts if I could. I love the story of the stalker and egged them on to tell it. It was agreed that Devine would give the timeline and Leubitz would read the last letter they received. Basically, a woman stalking their neighbor found the Brians a more attractive target. She's written letters, dropped off gifts and worn their wet dog towel as a turban. 
Brian performed his dramatic reading of an actual letter from the stalker. Does it make sense? No. Is it incredible? Yes. Enjoy!

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Be_Devine said...

I always hoped my stalker would be a hot man, not Little Edie Bouvier Beale.