Monday, March 16, 2009

"there's some story here, we just don't know what it is..."

After KG's hilarious birthday soiree, where I received the "Loser's Medal" at Movie Trivia, I thanked her for having me over with THIS interesting article, about a body found in Lake Merced. Okay, you know what. The article's short. Just read it:

A man's body was discovered in the reeds on the far east side of San Francisco's Lake Merced on Sunday afternoon. The body, spotted by a kayaker, was towed across the lake to a dock, then pulled out of the water by firefighters.
The age and race of the person and the cause of death were unknown Sunday evening. The city medical examiner is expected to do an autopsy on the body today.
Police were not ruling out foul play.
"The body was quite bloated, but with the weather conditions, it is hard to know how long it has been here," said San Francisco Police Capt. Richard Corriea. "There's some story here, we just don't know what it is."
Corriea said the kayaker saw the body about 4 p.m. Sunday and called police. The Fire Department handles water rescues and also was alerted.
Two men who were teaching dragon boating to high school students offered their help in pulling the body from the water.
Although the Fire Department has rescue watercraft, none is stored at Lake Merced, according to department Battalion Chief Lorrie Kalos. But dragon boating teachers Colin Morneau and Nikhil Naidu were nearby with a boatful of high school students and pitched in.
After Morneau and Naidu dropped off their students, several firefighters piled into the dragon boat and rowed across the lake to the body.
"We were happy to help out; someone had to do it," Morneau said.
Once the body was located, firefighters tied a flotation device around the waist and clipped the device to the back of the dragon boat. The body was towed all the way to the boat house on the far west side of the lake and removed from the water.
Kalos commended Morneau and Naidu for their help and said she would recommend them for Fire Department award certificates of merit. They were also invited to Fire Station 19 for dinner.
"Their help made this recovery a lot easier," said Kalos. "We might have done it from the land side, but that would not have been as easy to do."

Obviously, I found this really interesting and couldn't put my finger on what KG was able to brilliantly articulate: "You know what's incredible about that? It focuses more on the guys who pulled the body out and not the fact that there was a body floating in the lake!"
Uh, exactly. Hello? Why was there a dead body in the lake? Does anyone care who it is? This seems like the perfect opportunity for a "murder most foul!" extravaganza. Instead, we get a big song and dance about two dudes who helped drag this anonymous, unimportant, probably no big deal dead body across a lake. They get certificates and dinner at the fire station!
Big whoop. Who's the stiff? And so much for evidence. I mean, why waste time collecting any evidence where this fella was floating when you can drag his corpse all over the lake. Awesome...


Anonymous said...

It's a body they are dragging around like a dead fish on the end of a line. Thank god it wasn't me but if it was would someone care enough not to put me on display?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you can tell very much, at first glance, about a body that's been floating and bloating in the water. Maybe later after they de-glove the hand to get prints.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that is was a dragon boat? Seriously if I have to go out in such an undignified and bloaty way -- at least they had to drag me with a dragon boat.

What else are those things good for anyway?

KG said...

I'm disappointed the SI Crew team didn't find the body... what kind of education are they giving over there now. Come on kids... step it up!

DearZachary said...

Bet it fell in there after drinking too much Mickey's in the circle on a Saturday night. Not that I was cool enough to know ANYTHING about that from HS.

And Capt. Correia is a world class jackass, but that's because I know him personally...