Thursday, March 19, 2009

say what you need to say...

The fires of hell are nipping at my feet, I know. But my absolute favorite part of celebrity death is hearing other celebrities' thoughts on this tragedy. All is takes is 24 hours and already, the famous are offering words of glowing sadness and reflection on the untimely death of Natasha Richardson. YAY!
Lindsay Lohan: "She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own."
Dame Judi Dench: "It's just so shocking, really shocking, and I hope that everybody leaves the family quietly to somehow pick up the pieces."
Sam Mendes: "It defies belief that this gifted, brave, tenacious, wonderful woman is gone."
Jane Fonda: "My heart is heavy."
And then of course, John Mayer: "This heart didn't come with instructions."
Oh wait. That was about Jennifer Aniston...


tangobaby said...

What's worse is when you know people who act depressed like they were actually friends with the deceased celebrity due to having seen them in some films and not really ever having met them.

DJTennessee said...

This celebrity death could use more Mary Kate, oxycontin, and/or sleeping pills.