Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pleasant dreams...

Don't read this if you're going to get all scared like Melissa and complain that you can't sleep because of my informative reports about this fucked up world of ours. This is your warning, okay? Here goes:
Oh my God, how did I not hear about the Wichita Massacre? Apparently, we didn't read about it due to "reverse racism," a confusing right-wing theory in which some stories are under-reported because they make certain minorities, genders, sexualities, etc. look bad. But after watching an hour-long MSNBC special on this Dec. 2000 tragedy, I had to conduct some further research. 
After car jacking two people on separate occasions, one of whom later died, brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr broke into a Wichita condo where 5 bright and shiny 20-somethings were hanging out, watching TV and/or in bed. 
Now, let me just say that the concept of home invasion is incredibly scary to me. If someone breaks into your home and holds you and whoever else happens to be there hostage, you're fucked because as evidenced by this tragedy, these assholes can do pretty much anything to you. 
3 guys and 2 girls were inside, one of which was a couple. The Carr brothers pushed their way in with guns and forced everyone into a closet. Then they pulled them out in various pairs or threesomes and made them have sex with each other. Seriously, just stop reading and clicking on the links I'm going to give you if I'm going to hear about how freaked out you get. 
Okay? Okay. 
The girls were forced to have sex with each other, then the guys each had to have sex with the girls, then the girls were raped by the Carr brothers. Now, I think in this unbelievably horrifying situation, I could resign myself to survival no matter what, but my God. I can only imagine the horror these kids faced shoved in their own closet together, naked and terrified, dragged out periodically to do god knows what for some shithead 21 year old brothers who...hello?, will never get away with this. What a stupid plan. "I want to go rob a condo and make the people inside do weird sex acts! And I want to do this with my sibling!" Idiots. 
The brothers then took each victim to an ATM machine, had them withdraw s much cash as possible and eventually dragged them all, still naked mind you, to a snowy soccer field where they were shot execution style. Finally, the brothers ran over the bodies with the car they stole from the victims, going back to loot the condo. 
But, and there's always a but with these stories which is why I find them so fascinating, someone survived. One of the women was wearing a plastic hair claw which deflected a bullet. 
I shit you not. 
This miraculous hero then played dead, allowing herself to be run over as she lay naked in the snow on a soccer field next to her dead boyfriend and best friends, waiting till she thought it was safe and then ran naked for over a mile through two barbed wire fences to Christmas lights she saw in the distance. 
The Carr brothers got the death penalty, which I disagree with unless of course, they did this shit to me and then I'd want to kill them myself. 
HERE is a link which details basically everything in a rather dramatic fashion. And HERE is the Wikipedia. 
This and BTK? I'm taking a pass on Wichita...


Anonymous said...

Beth, if you haven't seen this, I think you should. Not the level of gore you probably like but just amazingly crazy. Saw it on a plane (but not the ending!) and have been haunted by it ever since.

Elizabeth said...

One of my friends referred me to your blog because she thought I'd love it but the first post I read was the one where you linked to some sort of database with the details of the crimes of men on death row (or something?) and I was like "DUDE! What about rapists and murderers did you think I'd LOVE???" Except that as it turns out, I *do* love your blog. Even recaps of horrible murders!

And OMG the ENGAGEMENT RING! That's some crap luck for pool ol' H.G.

Spots said...

Elizabeth! Thank God someone read because I'm dying (ugh) to discuss the engagement ring! How is this not a Lifetime movie?

Spots said...

And I just watched the trailer to Dear Zachary. Turns out, you can watch the whole movie on Netflix Watch Instantly! Which obviously, I plan to do.
Thank you Anonymous, it's right up my alley...

Brittney said...

"It was then they claimed their final victim, Nikki, H.G.'s muzzled dog who was beaten and stabbed to death."

Fuck. How were they not totally tired at this point?

CCMCMG said... wasn't as random as it was made out to be...
Kansas is a small place, and the jump from Dodge City to Wichita is very small. It's almost guaranteed the Carrs knew at least one of the victims from high school days, as the Carrs were from Dodge, one of the victims was as well, and at least one other was from a nearby small town (and that's all there is out there...small towns. Everyone literally knows EVERYONE.)