Thursday, March 05, 2009

oh, i've joined the team already...

I love you people. I truly love you. Especially when you e-mail me with really incredible treasures, like this communique from Sarah:
Hey Beth,
I'm a friend of Courtney and Dan's and I think we actually met at that Nintendo DS deal in Dogpatch last year. Anywho, I have a Gavin Newsom story that I think you'd appreciate. I'm hanging out at my parents' house in Santa Cruz and I decide to order some pizza from Pizza My Heart. So I open their website and this happens. That is Gavin Newsom, with no shirt on, holding a surfboard, selling me pizza. Now, I have to know if it is, in fact, Gav-Dawg. Gavin just started following me on Twitter the other day, so I send him a quick @reply linking to my blog post. This morning as I'm going through my email on my BlackBerry, I open a Direct Message from Gavin Newsom. All it says is this: "It is..." Then my head exploded. I'm going to pretend that Gav actually sent the message and it wasn't some stupid assistant.
Hope you are doing well.
And then...
Beth, it's getting better.
I replied to his Direct Message and he wrote back again! I said "Interesting. I figured they photoshopped your face on to some other dude's body." The he said "I don't like the picture either."Do you think this is really him or some assistant having fun? I would straight up DIE if it really was him.

So not only is this actually Gavin, but he's confirming this shit on his Twitter in addition to, you know, POSING TOPLESS FOR PIZZA PARLOR ADS. If anyone's got info on the legitimacy of this glorious piece of pepperoni, Sarah and I are dying to know...


Anonymous said...

The first source to check in with PizzaMyHeart hq here is Allison's email

Next, check in with Alex C at BBC and he'll get you the 411 straight from the horse's mouth. I mean Gavin not swiss miss.

Lastly, Dan N would know the best approach and appreciate the opportunity to inteview Gavin on his side job of modeling via give him a chance...

All else fails...ask Chris Daly.

Vernetta said...

I live in SoCal and was suprised to hear your ex boyfriend on my radio this morning at KROQ. Unfortunatly I don't have time to find the interview at, nor to read your latest entry. But did want you to know it happened and that he loves gays and his wife... That's nice, no? Love your blog and miss NoCal!!!