Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'm very sensitive when i'm deathly ill...

I forwarded my co-worker Amanda a website the other day and as she giggled reading through it, she sighed across the office, "Oh, internet. I love you."
I do too. I really truly love the internet. I'm all mom's basement about it, nerdilly caring deeply about everyone's updates. Like my friend Allan over at MissionMission
He very kindly linked to me on his blog yesterday and as I marveled at my hits shooting through the roof, I noted that some douche's comment implied my post about being followed in Walgreens was racist. Check that shit out right HERE.
Call me crazy (or racist) but I think if you're going to accuse someone of something as shitty as racism, or really anything else for that matter, use your name. If we've learned anything from Peter Ragone, it's the important of standing behind your comments. Say whatever you want. After all, that's why God invented the internet. But at least have the balls to say it like a man. 
This is why my new t-shirt slogan is going to sell like gangbusters!

"Those who can't, comment."*

*This does not apply to anyone who comments here, because obviously I love you and you very much CAN...  


LilSass said...

Well, in honor of all this, I guess I'll comment.

Spots, I'm the first to call out asshole commenters (myself included). I went and read what olu said about your situation and I don't think he/she meant what you think he/she did.

I think it's fair to say that minorities are often on the receiving end of unwarranted scrutinizing eyes by security guards. I think olu was saying, "Oh Spots, now you know what it's like to be a minority" ... not, "you're a racist for feeling singled-out" (or some such thing).

I don't know if I'm helping or not.

Maybe I'll just shut up.

(and I hope you're feeling better)

Anonymous said...

Considering olu started off dissing Spotswood makes me think this guy wasn't trying to enlighten Beth to the plight of the minority.
I'm a minority. No one's ever followed me. I didn't think that's what she experienced at all. She said she felt like security thought she was a thief.
Shall we open the "does this mean olu thinks all minorities steal?" can of worms?
I'm just saying, once a commenter brings up "minority" we're talking about race.
Beth, I don't blame you for taking offense, especially considering this guy still won't sign his or her name.

Karyn said...

Wow - you became a minority on me, and didn't even tell me.

Be_Devine said...

Douche: "A link to Spotswood kinda veers from the mission theme but whatever."

Apparently the "mission theme" is to talk about American Apparel and Medjool endlessly until your eyes bleed and then using the blood to do street art opposing American Apparel. Is veering from this inane conversation really a bad thing?

Glad there's a place where self-righteous and indignant douche bags can feel at home.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Olu probably wouldn't like Beth's Kawanzzaa posts either probably inferring it was against jewish faith or something...

Beth, seriously the internet is full of freaks, geeks, and people who live to be a critic

f**$ I made that rhyme without a dime..okay I am laying off the dayquil now.
Feel better soon!

Brock said...

Speaking of Kwanzaa:


Hope you feel better soon, Beth.

Sweet Melissa said...

This is ridiculous - Beth hates children, not minorities!