Monday, March 09, 2009

i'm really, truly confused and yet, going for a jog in the presidio RIGHT NOW...

Guess what Gavin Newsom just posted on Twitter?
GavinNewsom Just finished running through the Presidio down to Golden Gate Bridge-- hard not to love this city!
At 1:40am? Seriously? What is UP with this man's Twitter account?
I'll keep you posted if he responds to this:
bethspotswood@GavinNewsom Seriously?!?! You run through the wilderness at 2 in the morning? Who knew.
Does he make his bodyguards run with him at this hour? What does he wear during these jogs through public parks at 1am? Why is he posting this on the internet? Like I'm supposed to sleep now. Please...
*UPDATE* One of my Facebook peeps just informed me that tweets by text (my God) have been lagging up to 8 hours. Doesn't this defeat the point of Twitter? Here's what I did 8 hours ago isn't really as interesting. And this could, maybe, not necessarily mean that Gavin went on his magical run through the woods at a more appropriate hour. Whatever...


Jim said...

"you wouldn't go to the Presidio at night in San Francisco. I wouldn't."

per Bill O'Reilly,2933,454244,00.html

WATTERS: Well, I found in Central Park at night now, at least after Rudy Giuliani, you can go out at night and walk around and feel safe. But in San Francisco, you don't even go near some of these parks at night.

O'REILLY: No, you wouldn't go to the Presidio at night in San Francisco. I wouldn't.

Elizabeth said...

I read that tweet when I got up this morning and two thoughts went through my head:

1. Is Gavin SO FANCY that he has to wait until the dead of night to go running??

2. I hope Beth Spotswood has something to say about this.

e dub said...

ha. i tweet by text just like our mayor and the delay as of late has been the most annoying (and yes, pointless) thing ever!