Monday, March 30, 2009

he did, however, make me coffee...

Did any of you feel the earthquake? I myself, did not.
We have hired my brother's best friend, John in our office and today is his first day. Perhaps because I've known him since the beginning of time, John and I have apparently established a rather casual professional relationship.
"Oh my God, did you feel the earthquake?"
"You did?!?"
"You didn't say anything?"
Oh, I don't know? Maybe because we just had a fucking earthquake?!?! Perhaps I'm the weird one. Our office is one big room and I regard it as my job to have loud public conversations with everyone about current events, earthquakes included. John needs to get with the program. Just because he's the only man in here doesn't mean he's exempt from the 25% of time spent chatting...


Alex said...

You two play nice now.

P.S. I felt the quake up in Nicasio.

Bonnie said...

You and John working together?! That should be fun!

Melissa said...

I give him three days. Max.