Saturday, February 21, 2009

safe travels, devinebitzji!

The Brians hosted a lovely tea party this afternoon  as our pal Pooja just returned from India and the Brians are off to explore her homeland for three weeks themselves. They leave on Tuesday and I couldn't miss this opportunity to hear all about Pooj's trip and send off my boys. Also, Brian made shortbread. 
I could not be more jealous of these three as India has always been at the top of my travel list. I love the people, the colors, the clothes, the food, the movies...I've got an itch only India can scratch!
Pooj claims her Hindi is horrible, but she still filled us in on a few cultural customs. For example, I asked what the Brians should call their driver, the man who'd be chauffeuring them around for 20 days. After all, we had a copy of his resume and thus, knew his relatively complicated name.
"Should they call him by his first name." I asked, hoping against hope the answer was no and would be really interesting. It was!
No, Pooja explained. They shouldn't. Drivers are considered a step up from servants, more skilled and as Brian L. pointed out, holding one's life in their hands as opposed to serving tea. They should be addressed by their last name, with 'ji' on the end. So if I was your driver, you'd say, "Hey Spotswoodji, kick up the radio." 
Based upon this tidbit alone, I am even more desperate to get my American ass to India.

Okay, maybe it's not exactly like that. But it's gotta be close...


Be_Devine said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Spotsji. We'll miss you.

Like Karen Walker, I was planning to refer to our driver as "Driver." But Pooj convinced me to refer to him as "Driverji." It's more respectful.

Becky said...

The most effective diet I have ever been on was the "living in India for 5 months" diet. Spending 6 nights in a hospital was probably helpful. A word from the wise, when they tell you not to eat from the food stalls on the streets, they REALLY REALLY mean it - no matter if those samosas looked and smelled good, they weren't...