Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i'm making no promises on day 91...

Today is my 90 Days Sober! 
Actually, I just realized this by noting the date. It's not like I've been keeping close track. And I'm not doing the month math, but basically November 17th, 2008 was my first full 24 hours of sobriety. So three months. Three often very long months. One of my rehab co-drunks called me, having sweetly remembered and congratulated me. I don't know there's really  lot of congratulating to do. I mean, what are you supposed to say? Great job not falling off the wagon? Kudos for hanging on for dear life? Nice work on reclaiming your dignity? Um, thanks. 
My rehab friend asked what "tools" I've been using and in detailing them, I figured they might work for everyone. Other than my deep breathing exercises, which in a very un-like me twist, actually work, here's my Top 5 things to do when I'm ready to kill for a cocktail:
5. Target. I got to Target and give myself a $50 allowance. It takes me a good 2 hours and by the time I'm in the Boots cosmetics section, I can make it one more day without 10 martinis.
4. This song. And this song. And this song
3. I actually made this
2. I've watched Shawshank Redemption a good 53 times in the past 90 days. "Oh god, Oh god, I need a case of wine and...Oh. Shawshank. Ahhhhhh."
1. And finally, I conduct entire, self-sufficient fashion shows in my home with existing clothing and accessories, just interchanged to create new looks. I know what you're thinking, and I don't really care because a) it keeps me off the streets and b) I had no idea I could pair my H&M jacket with my Eileen Fisher dress, Target belt and a beret...


Karyn said...

Congrats - you know, it actually IS a big deal!!!

Sweet Melissa said...

Bethy, you are so strong. It is really amazing how easy you make it all look. I'm so proud of you!!

Be_Devine said...

So, so proud of you. Like you have done with everything else, you have owned this and done it with style. A toast of Bethampagne!

Anonymous said...

Its an awesome accomplishment. I do miss our rehab talks though. I just miss you Beth!!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Thank you so much for writing about the hab. I was there just before you, my 'medallion' was 10/20/08, and can totally relate to well pretty much all of what you've written. Except it sounds like there were a LOT of rednecks when you were there. When I checked in it was like land of the soccer moms from lafayette. But we bonded, as us drunks and junkies do. Thanks again Beth!