Tuesday, February 10, 2009

can i see a wine list...

I spent last night watching KQED with my parents and it was fucking awesome. As a result, I have no fabulous madcap adventures to share with you. Instead, I turn to my friend Bill W.
Wilson, that is. Bill got to go to St. Anthony's and watch Nancy and Mark(!) ladle out gruel to those less fortune. It really would have been quite touching had they taken the time to change into, oh, I don't know, JEANS.
A priest, a gay guy and the Speaker of the House walk into a bar...
Just kidding! It's not a bar. It's St. Anthony's Dining Room, the greatest thing since sliced bread.
(And hello to the too-young-for-us man on the left.)Awww, this girl's not buying it Nancy. Because you know what that smile says to me?
"I have 8:30 reservations at Gary Danko. Can we move this along?"
Mark Leno, whom I love dearly, is a very good sport. Although, if he's anything like me, he went to the St. Anthony's website beforehand and checked out the menu which is actually featured online. "Um, this is not a Braised beef in a Moroccan menu medley with a couscous complement. This is bread, half an orange and a cupcake." You've got to be kidding me. We're serving th...Oh, okay. Great. No, that's terrific. Really.
You KNOW they're talking about the Jo Bros.
Please tell me someone got a picture of Nance trying to find her way around that orange. She might want to keep those gloves on after all.
I like how Fog City Journal's Luke Thomas is hunkered down and hanging out, which seems somehow much less intrusive than the terrifying Pat Murphy and his pager or deck of cards or whatever he's holding in their faces. Back off, people! Let these ladies bond!Why are we still in aprons, folks? Is the podium really that disgusting?
"Have you guys seen that Oprah where she gives people houses and cars?!?! Yeah, me too."

And finally, Flock of Seagulls hair security guy. Every day his co-workers politely let it go, admittedly having bigger fish to fry. But someone needs to do this guy a favor, find the right moment and say, "You know, Raymond, you'd look really good with bangs like, shorter in the front? I don't know, not a fauxhawk but maybe a little spike? Even Nancy thinks so. Seriously!"


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Would not have noticed the lack of jeans if it wasn't for you.

Clair said...

Nancy's just following decades of tradition established by her college campus ministry program. As I went to the same college, I can vouch for the fact that even decades later some girls showed up at soup kitchens complete with matching shoes and bag. And honestly expecting to just ladle soup.

Stephhh. said...

I LOVE that yew called them the Jo Bros.