Thursday, January 01, 2009

sheep number 73,952...

It's 4am and I can't sleep. This is nothing new at home much less in a foreign country, so I have no real need to be alarmed as my flu seems to have flown on by. Hopefully, however, my glowing laptop and loud typing will wake my brother from his loud, open-mouthed breathing as his last words to me before falling into a peaceful slumber were to tell me I was talking too much during "City Slickers 2, The Legend of Curly's Gold."
This is coming from a 25 year old man wearing a "I'm Better in Person"* t-shirt while eating a kebab in his twin bed and giggling at THE SEQUEL to City Slickers. 
I'm sick of this twin bed bullshit. I'm not suggesting that my sibling and I share some magnificent king size, round, vibrating bed. I'm just saying, we're half a step away from themed bunk beds. Ask anyone I've ever slept with (hey, easy) and they'll tell you I tend to charmingly move around. These little coffin-sized cushions make me feel like I'm balancing on a backless couch. Plus, what if I meet some Mick and wish to add the Emerald Isle to the notches on my bedpost? "Oh, uh, I'm the one by the window."
I don't know if drunk Beth ever did that on vacation much less sober Beth, so I guess I shouldn't worry. You know what I am worried about? The packet of "Conditioning Shampoo" I just used on my hair. I've left my hair products and my hair brush with my parents, arriving tomorrow from Ahakista. But the mane could not be ignored a moment longer. It's "washed" and wrapped in a towel now and I bet you a million dollars that tomorrow morning I will wake up one of those white people with mildly patronizing dreadlocks. Then I'll pass Rastafarians on the Dublin streets who'll look at me with disdain and contempt, knowing full well that I spent the night with wet hair on a twin bed in a hotel room with my little brother. 
Anyway, I managed to find stores open today, so Cormick can suck it. Hello? I'm me. Of course I found open stores. I spent a good hour in Zara before running to Starbucks and finding mon frere back at the room. We napped and snacked before getting picked up by Greg and his two friends. I'm sure they told me their names and occupations but frankly, there's only so many times you can ask an English-speaking person to repeat themselves before you have to pretend to understand what the hell they're saying. 
We then met up with Cathal, who giggles through every line in every movie regardless of context and went to see "Yes Man."
The Lads call movies "fill-ums" and they see "fill-ums" at the "cinema." Uh, so cute. 
I'll leave you that bit of charm as I'm going try and force myself to sleep (because that always works so well.) I am also listening to my new song on repeat and will try to dive into slumber imagining my very own music video involving me, fabulous ball gowns and some male member of European royalty...

*Admittedly, one of the Lads made Alex that t-shirt. And the effort and presentation was adorable.


Anonymous said...

Damn good song.

Sweet Melissa said...

I want that shirt! So glad you're feeling better.