Wednesday, December 17, 2008

why god, why...

Ages ago, Dallas filled me in on a Mayor candidate down in his red-neck of the woods. Jennifer Gale was a homeless transgendered former Marine running for office. Apparently, she ran elections for Mayor of Austin and Dallas, eventually throwing her hat in the ring for POTUS. You can check out her website HERE.
So a year and a half ago, I decided to e-mail her and ask her opinion of our fair mayor, Gavin Christopher Newsom. She responded right away, the subject of her e-mail reading, "Beth Spotswood for Mayor!"
Hi Beth,
I have heard nothing but good things about our San Francisco mayor. I am running for President of the United States. I may be contesting the race for Dallas mayor. Our "Official Newspaper" referred to four candidates as "Also-rans". Then they didn't include us in other articles. I have walked from Sausalito to San Fransisco. I was there for the Green Bay Packer playoff game. I think it was 1999.
Thank-you for saying Hi.
Jennifer Gale
May 21, 2007
Dallas informed me mere minutes ago that Ms. Gale was found dead this morning on the front steps of the church where she was staying. This is incredibly sad and I'll keep you posted on any details of this tragic turn of events. For the record, any candidate who e-mails back with the speed and enthusiasm as this fabulous tranny is a class act in my book. Rock on, Jennifer Gale. I hope your awesome he-she wings take you straight (heh) to heaven...

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I'll keep you posted as I get details.