Sunday, November 02, 2008

my roommate's been approved...

I love having a boss with kids because it meant we got to lave early on Halloween. I called Melissa from my car (illegally) and chatted until I lost the signal. Ugh. 
"Shit, every time I drive past City Hall, my call gets dropped. It's like Gavin is fucking with me."
"You're at City Hall?"
"I'm at Market Bar. Can you pick me up? I'll come over and hang out until dinner."
Yay! Although it occurred to me, my roommate might be home. Hmmmm. Mel meeting John. 
"I can't wait to meet your roommate!"
I hesitated because my girl is a little, how shall we say, territorial. She spends a lot of time at my house and quite frankly, it's as much hers as it is mine. Some dude she's yet to approve living here might not fly with the ease one might hope. 
We arrived home to find the alarm on, which meant John wasn't home. Phew. Mel powdered her nose and I flipped on the news, throwing a bag of fun size M&M's on the couch. "If any trick-or-treaters show up, give them this."
"If the doorbell rings, answer the door. I'm taking a shower."
As I slipped in my room, John suddenly arrived home. I leapt in front of him. 
"Hey! My friend is here."
"Awesome! Melissa?" (He's heard a lot about her.)
"Yeah! Hold on. (I dragged him in front of the television) Mist, this is John. John, meet Melissa."
She looked down and extended a genteel, manicured, Southern hand. "Nice to meet you."
Oh dear. As my brother Alex would say, and he'd say it with great respect, Melissa is a tough nut to crack. She won't like you just because I like you. She'll wait for you to be somehow extraordinary before giving you the time of day. John retreated to his room and Mel took a nap. I showered, dressed for dinner and eventually slid next to her on the couch. 
"We should call a cab soon."
"Oh, okay." She rubbed her eyes and grabbed my glass of wine. 
"What do you think of John?" I asked nervously. 
"He's nice, I guess. I met him for two seconds and..."
John and his Halloween costume suddenly ran into the room. 
He had to work, (bartending at Calzones where you need to tip so I can pay cable!) and got to dress up for Halloween. He donned a baby blue leisure suit, turtleneck, ridiculous hair and a fake mustache. 
John went as an enthusiastic Ron Burgundy. 
He swooped into the room, fully and insanely clad with a glass of Chablis. God bless him, John was planning to toil in this get-up, making mojitos for tourists. 
Mel burst into hysterics.
"Okay, now I love him..." 


Anonymous said...

So no more Mikey, huh? That sucks.

Sweet Melissa said...

I never should have doubted you - he's great!