Thursday, September 11, 2008

let's roll...

I apologize for my lack of posts, pals. I've had a crazy past 36 hours.
Please indulge my itinerary. 
Tuesday, 7pm: "Quick drink" at Perbacco with Mr. X to discuss my career/personal life. 
Tuesday, 10pm: "Quick drink" ends.
Wednesday, 10am: Meeting at X's office, which I'd never been to. Whoa. It's totally like my Dad's office. I'm looking for a new day job, folks, and X is very kindly being helpful. Turns out, I'm sick of working in the burbs and I have a new Calvin suit. I should be downtown. Which brings me to...
11am: Meeting over. I slipped into a Starbuck's and in a very lady-like manner, changed from my nerdy slacks, which I then shoved in my purse, into my favorite jeans. The bathroom key involved an attached plastic cafeteria tray, FYI. I had an hour to kill before my meeting with Brittney, so I sat on a bench at Market and Battery and watched (I swear to God) a hobo play with a dead pigeon. I pretended to write in my journal and text Dallas, but mostly, spent 45 minutes pretending not to stare at that hobo and bird. 
12noon: Lunch with Brittney at Shanghai 1930. Brittney piled up some menus to prop a video camera aimed at me (from below and while I ate Chinese food), interviewing me for some CBS profile on local bloggers
"What topics are off limits to you, Beth?"
"Nothing. Can you please pass the soy sauce?"
1:45pm: I left Brittney and had yet another hour to kill. Well, obviously proximity-wise, I had to go to Boulevard. I grabbed an Examiner (they're free!) and sat at the bar, deciding to text Mel and Devine, just in case either could spare a second and join me. 
My text? "At Boulevard."
Mel's response? "Be there in 5."
There's a reason she's my best friend. 
We killed time until I had to go to the Hospital Council Conference at the Palace Hotel, where my beloved Ron had recruited me to discuss blogging. 
4pm: I discussed blogging with people that work in marketing for big hospitals. 
5pm: Ron and I retreated to the Pied Piper Bar for discussion on Ron's impeding (black tie!) wedding. Ron had kindly offered that I bring a date to the wedding. Melissa is pissed, but I'm taking my tux-clad brother. Quite frankly, Alex loves to dance and is, in general, a really good "plus 1." Also, should I wish to find a boy to flirt with, mon frere couldn't care less. I asked Ron, "So, any straight, disposable income, 32-39 year old coming to your wedding?"
This was Ron's response, which was interrupted by a waiter. 
"Oh, Beth darling, I don't think...Oh, hello. Yes. I'd like a Tanqueray martini with three olives and the bartender will look at you like you've very strange, but I'd like a third Vermouth and he'll just have to forgive me... Anyway, no Beth. I'll have to think but I doubt it."
7pm: I met Mel, Tara and Pooj at Town Hall, as we were all planning to attend the event mere blocks away. 
7:30pm: No one answered the door at the event. Fuckin' hippies. 
10pm: Both Pat Kuleto and Hastings show. Kuleto (whom Hastings needed to point out to us) chose to buy some cougars drinks. Not us. 
Well screw him. He has a ponytail. 
11:30pm: At this point, I hadn't seen a computer in days. I'd fallen into deep withdrawl. So, I kissed my friends goodbye, hopped in a cab and crawled into bed. 
I just woke up and checked my e-mail. I'll write you bitches something funny later. 
In re-reading this, I just realized... Oh shit, those slacks are still in my purse...


Brian Leubitz said...
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Brian Leubitz said...

Um, the event is actually September 30, so that could be part of the reason nobody answered the door:

So, maybe we could cut the hippies some slack just this one time. It's too bad we're going to be out of town, sounds like some good restaurants there.

P.s. What's the deal with Blogger telling everybody I messed up? I'm just trying to fix my link, and it's gotta get all up in my business? Whatevs.

pooja* said...

"the event is actually September 30"

more hippie lies.

Be_Devine said...

Sorry, but I gots to disagree with my future husband and stick up for Beth. The e-mail we received from Demolicious clearly said the event was on September 10, 2008. That would be yesterday.

Fucking hippies.

Anonymous said...

A THIRD vermouth? Weally?