Monday, September 01, 2008

i may have done the running man...

Once again, Mel and I went where you'd never go. You're welcome. 
That's right. Last night.
We had dinner and dancing at the Tonga Room.

I'm not gonna lie. We both had a bit of a 'day' yesterday. I was over at the Brians', enjoying a blind wine tasting to select a red and a white for the wedding, a mere 2 weeks away! But I got a call from Mel that basically said, uh, "Steam. Blow off. Now." 
I may have ran red lights. 
I'm crappy at a lot of things, but I'm good at racing over to your house with wine and plans to go dancing. 

Tonga Room it was.
As any good "I'll Flip You" reader knows, I have a standing Sunday date with Big Chris, who quite frankly, couldn't care less. So I called Chris and announced, "I can't do burrito night. I'm at the Tonga Room with Mel."
Chris' response?
"I'll be there by 10."
I know I occasionally get sappy about my friends, especially about Misty. But there is no friend like the friend who will dance the shit out of a fake pirate ship dance floor. Chris sat at the bar, cringing. Mel and I, however, um.... owned that shit. We danced, you guys. We danced. 
You know that cheeseball country song, "I hope you dance"? 
Yeah. We did. 

I may have injured some tourists, I can't be sure. But folks, in all seriousness, I went balls to the walls. Fuck you, Ohio. I got some shit to work out on this pirate ship. So amidst Big Chris and his Lava Bowl, douchebag and his sunglasses (ugh), eggrolls and flied lice, matchbooks and mini-umbrellas...Misty and I twirled ourselves around a fake pirate ship dancefloor to the sweet sounds of a Filipino, pony-tailed cover-band. 
And that pretty much fixed everything...


Sweet Melissa said...

You were a dancing queen! I woke up still wearing my jeans and found the with a matchbook with your pic on it in my pocket. So yes, I'm all better today.

Anonymous said...

Are you and Sweet Melissa friends in real life or blog friends?

Sweet Melissa said...

@anonymous - I don't know what a "blog friend" is. Beth is my BFF who happens to have a blog.

Spots said...

Are you high?
We spend a bizarre amount of time together, as might be evidenced by, oh I don't know, reading this blog...

Be_Devine said...

Where do we buy these SweetSpots matchbooks? I want a case.

Oh, and BlogFriends?? Fer reals, dude?