Monday, September 22, 2008

and the winner is...

You watched the Emmy's right?
Shit, tell me you watched the Emmys.
Okay, read Tim Goodman's review right HERE. (I love Tim Goodman based on his KFOG appearances alone.)
You know how I feel about Mad Men, so I'm thrilled it won. (Recap. Soon. I swear.)
I adore 30 Rock and Tina Fey is basically my editor Eve, so rock on Eve. You just won another Emmy.
And Jeremy Piven, while correct in mocking the shitty reality show hosts hosting, is King of the Douchebags. Seriously, imagine meeting Jeremy Piven. Imagine it. Close your eyes and pretend. He's a dick to you, right?
Yeah. Jeremy Piven will be really goddamn mean to all of us.
Anyway, I rolled around on my couch in heaven, taking a short break to join the Brians at the Velvet Cantina but otherwise, loving every minute of this annual tradition.
The fashion alone!
Basically, the best part of the Emmys is to see awkward shit like this:

And be glad that you're not a celebrity stuck talking to a Melrose Place reject about fucking 'boob sweat.' Jesus Christ...

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