Thursday, September 18, 2008

AND we got extra sausage maple butter and biscuits...

My gorgeous and charming constant companion invited me to join her at the Black and Pink Ball last Friday night, a boozy fundraiser with a remarkably high douche factor. There was lots of pink silk neck ties and skimpy magenta frocks packed into Mezzanine, but we had a lovely time mingling, dancing and bidding on silent auction items. (Mel got a Sephora gift bag!)
Before the ball, we decided to grab a long dinner at Lark Creek Steak, Bradley Ogden's surprisingly fabulous steakhouse in the mall. 
Nothing beats those fabulous potato pancakes like a view of Illuminations. 
Anyway, we walked in together. Mel was instantly greeted by the bartender and a familiar looking server marched right up to me. 
"Oh my gah! (unintelligible) Es nigh see jew!"
"HIIIIIII!!!!!" I overcompensated. "Hey! Oh, wow!"
He looked at the bartender. "Ees my flen!"
Oh god, I know this guy from somewhere. But there's a lot of gin joints in a lot of towns and...
"This is my best friend, Melissa."
"Hello!" He shook her hand. "I'm Beektor."
He excused himself as Mel and I ordered drinks. 
"Who's your friend?" 
Nervously I responded, "I don't know."
"Beth, he took our coats!"
We giggled over our cocktails and were seated. I was racking my brain when recognition hit me. "Oh, Mel! I think I remember. It's Victor from Flytrap."
"He was a server at Flytrap. I used to have dinner there a lot. You know, they have rose petals. Anyway, Flytrap. Definitely. Phew."
Victor returned and we chatted, as I was now able to inquire intelligently about our past. 
"So, you're not at Flytrap?"
Cue 7 minutes of me not catching one word.
More hugs. Gratis appetizers. We got our coats back. 
Now, I'm aware that I might come off as some elitist who doesn't remember the names of 'the help.' Screw you. 
They have names?
I had no idea...

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I know! It is surprisingly fabulous! Whodathunk?