Wednesday, August 06, 2008

your most important vote this year...

Hey kids, remember my pal Jacob? He's selling out and I couldn't be happier! 
Actually, my brother and I went to an open mike night years ago and saw Jacob tear the house down. He had us in such hysterics, I actively sought him out. Turns out, he's been friends with Sunset Ben forever. And thus, I get to be friends with Jacob. Since I completely failed Ben in plugging his Comedy Genius because I am a flake and horrible person, I'm doing my damnedest to remember the important plugs as of late. 
Which brings me to... Jacob is on Last Comic Standing!

Now, know that Jacob isn't really this... well, tame in real life. You old timers might remember Jacob  kindly agreed to be one of my Celebrity Interviews. He and his wife, the equally talented and incredibly sweet, Sherry Sirof moved to LA with their kid to make it big. These are lovely, funny, friendly folks who are *this* close. 

The original ring bit (see below) was a little better than the new one, but Jacob is an unusual delight and has good stuff to say. Thus, you're all (okay, some of you are) a bunch of uptight activists. Here's your chance to help out my friend and save comedy. 
It'll take 2 seconds. Time is of the essence. 
Thank you.


alex said...

My fav Sirof video

Brock said...

I very much enjoy this man.