Monday, August 11, 2008

meetin' the missus...

Dori and Greg introduced my parents on a blind date in 1973. Dori was my mom's college roommate and Greg was my dad's BFF since kindergarten at St. Vincent de Paul where they met in 1953. D and G are basically my aunt and uncle and I love them very much.
I don't want to get all kinds of sappy, but every once in a while, some random friend will introduce you to someone and all of a sudden, your world flips.
I remember Zoe's first day at work, where I begged and begged for them to hire a girl and when they finally did, took one look at Zo and was all, "Oh, Prom Queen'll last 4 minutes."
I remember Brigham introducing me to Leubitz at that gay breakfast, and Bitz, rightly so, wanted nothing to do with me. But weeks later, he introduced me to Devine. Devine! My sun fucking rises and sets with Brian Devine.
And then one day, I got an e-mail from this chick who 's friend told her to get in touch with me. Oh, terrific. Another blogger who wants to talk about litter. So because I'm an attention whore and hate an empty room, I invited said chick to my birthday.
It was pouring rain. The bar was across town and packed with strangers. I was so drunk, I may have peed on a pool table. And in walked Melissa.
Melissa Griffin, as you might know, is now my closest friend. In fact, we now regard ourselves as wed. I have never had a friend like this friend, who then introduced me to Cyn and Vansmack and X and Jen and Pooj and Art and Tara and Andre and loads of people I now love. I could not be more grateful for Mel.
So, back to my point.
Clemens is the one who told Mel to e-mail me.
Because he's a very sweet and smart guy who occasionaly glances at my blog, invites me to cocktails, is nice to my dad and when I asked him for resume advice, actually revamped the whole thing and acted like it was no big deal.
Uh, J'adore Clemenza.
No really. I mean it.
Plus, you know, he introduced me to my wife...


Brigham said...

That's not the way I remember it with Leubitz. My memory is that just a little nervous after he saw you take a mayorally discarded starbucks cup, remove the lid, hold it under your nose (with a winching expression) and then put it in your purse.

Greg said...

alex is always a class act. that's why I'll reserve my internet machete for folks like him.

as for brigham, well he hates me so I guess I gotta deal with his internet hate. Whatever.

Seana said...

Awwwwaaw! I was wondering to myself just the other day how one gets in to the Spotswood Posse, and, funnily enough, how you met the missus. Thanks for the background. Loved it, as always.

Be_Devine said...

Awwww. I'll always remember the night you and the missus, uh . . . consummated?, your marriage.

After a carb-loaded dinner at our house, you offered Mel a ride home. Driving past Midnight Sun, you two couldn't pass by the "All Bears Welcome" sign. Bear love was followed by a Crystal Light/Vodka-fueled slumber party at your house. And from that point on, you two were inseparable.

A true love story.

clemens said...

I think people of like mind and talent should hang out together. And when I know two all-star, world-class wielders of words, I try to hook 'em up.

So, in the future, when Bethy is dishing out her unique brand of smack-down snark on A-listers in the pages of Vanity Fair (watch out, George Wayne), and Griffin has her own smarter/hotter/insightful-er live hour-long political/legal analysis show on CNN, and when they both throw out inside-baseball love notes to each other in said mediums, I will be able to grin knowingly and say Oh Yeah I Knew These Ladies When And I Made That Shit Happen. And yes, I will use capital letters when I say it.

Thank you for the nice post, Ms. Spotswood. Now go get famous-er.

Amy said...

Alex Clemens is kinda hot. And he's friends with you, which kinda makes him hotter. Is he single?

vansmack said...

Clemens is top class.

The first time I met him, he offered me The Macallan. He had me at "Rocks?"

Sweet Melissa said...

I'll never be able to repay Clemens for introducing me to Bethy - I love you, Mrs. Griffwood!

Sweet Melissa said...

Oh, and Amy, he is married. To Barbary Coast Consulting. Good luck.