Wednesday, August 13, 2008

kick it! it's wednesday...

Tim the Trainer's great. He listens to my personal drama. He sends me encourageing e-mails. He looks like Harold from Top Chef.
And I am no longer speaking to him.
Have you ever done a burpie?
Oh, okay. Wait. Try this shit.
Stand up. Now squat down, stick your hands on the floor and JUMP your legs into the push-up position. Kay, now jump 'em back. Oh, and thep leap up into the air reaching for the sky.
Now do it 49 more times.
Yeah, Tim the Trainer and I are no longer on speaking terms.

Oh, and the Culture Blog is up...


vansmack said...

How hard do you think that girl worked to not wet herself before the board of Supes?

One would think that Chris Daly could work equally as hard...

brittney said...

A "burpie"? Hahaha.