Sunday, August 03, 2008

easy like sunday morning...

There is nothing that delights my Sunday morning like Ashley Judd done wrong then fighting her way to survival and justice with quick thinking determination and her convenient Judo hobby. There's always good movies on Basic Cable on Sunday mornings. Today, we've got High Crimes, Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, Ghostbusters, City Slickers, Flightplan and Police Academy. I'm so torn. If someone could bring me mimosa fixins, a continental breakfast basket and a latte...and a maid...and an assistant...maybe a funny gay or a hot flirty straight guy, well shit. My day would be perfect...

I've decided to do my own version of live blogging:
10:54am: The old chick in Titanic really reminds me of my Grandma. 
10:56am: How do you go from Red in Shawshank to Charlie Grimes in High Crimes? Oh yeah. Bills.
11:02am: Jack Dawson didn't look this young when I saw Titanic 8 TIMES in the theater. Jesus, he's like 11. Oh, and you've got to read Da Mayor's column today. Fabulous.
11:55am: Boy, Ashley Judd just can't catch a break. Thank god she's got her BFF Morgan Freeman. 
12:12pm: OMG, it's the "I'm flying...Jack" scene. My heart will go motherfucking on!
12:14pm: I really want to go on a cruise.
12:21pm: Billy Zane is fabulously over the top as Cal. He's way better than Jack and his bangs.
2:29pm: I cannot believe that old loon tossed that tacky necklace back at Jack. Every time, it ticks me off, with her stupid little yelp. 


Anonymous said...

I so agree on jack Dawson. He looks like the cutest boy at the 7th grade Spring Social. Pervy.

sfmike said...

Dear anonymous: Why do you think little girls like Beth went to see it at least 8 TIMES in the theater? It was to see their nonthreatening, 7th grade Spring Social ultra-cutie would-be love-of-their-life sacrifice themself for their one true love. Heck, if I'd been a 12-year-old girl when it was new, I would have seen it 20 times myself. Instead, I viewed it as a cynical old fag who agrees with you completely. The movie was and is genuinely Pervy.