Tuesday, July 08, 2008

well, i wouldn't have any complaints either, but...

I don't know why I read these bullshit celebrity news stories up on Yahoo, but when I check my e-mail and see things like "Clooney's Ex talks about her favorite memories" I simply can't help myself. 
First of all, this links to something called www.omg.yahoo.com.
You'll lose a few brain cells just clicking on it. 
And of course, it's a total bummer. There's nothing really juicy. She'll miss his wonderful dancing the most, they speak every few weeks, they remain friends, snooze. Why she even agreed to talk about this is beyond me. It's like she met a celebrity in an airport and is telling us how down to earth he is in real life. If someone from omg.yahoo.com asks me about an ex-boyfriend and I feel like talking, I'm gonna give them some good dirt. "Oh yeah, him? He pees in hot tubs."
Anyway, the only good part of this bullshit, lame ass "chat" is when the internationally dumped Sarah Larson announces that she has..."no complaints."
No complaints? This isn't an oil change. You haven't just stayed at a Ramanda. This was a relationship! With God!
So now it just sounds like she was dating him to jump start her auto show modeling career, which she probably was, and I have to tell you, I'm a little bit heartbroken. 
Do not fuck (with) my George. 
But we've learned a greater lesson. Anything called omg.yahoo.com and/or Sarah Larson is fucking retarded...


Becky said...

She has never been to England and she thinks that the British are funny. Wha?

Brock said...

I pee in hot tubs. Problem?