Friday, July 04, 2008

well beth, it's an election. here's how it works. people vote. and then they count it. -X...

My brilliant friend Kate keeps a little notebook in her purse, jotting down hilarious quotes whenever someone busts out with something classic. It's a hoot to flip through her quotes and I've been ripping her off in memorializing quotes for the past few months. 
Here are some jems:

"What am I? Ronald Reagan? I'm not dying my hair."
-Big Chris, on my plucking his grey hairs

"Oh shit, I hope this is as funny tomorrow!"
-Melissa, on our Sept. 11th Halloween costume concept

"So I know this is good, but what is it?" -Vansmack
"Everclear and vodka." -Cynthia
-2:15am in Napa

"If you drink that, your breasts will fall off." -Dan
-same night

"Wow. Beth likes a poor guy. I never thought I'd see the day."
-my brother

"Dude, he has a mad widow's peak."
-Kelsey, re: Mel Gibson in The Patriot

Beth: "What if you went over and..."
Melissa: "Flirted? That guy hasn't has an erection since the Nixon Administration."
-4 hour dinner at Palio

"When did we know Dan was crazy?"
-my Dad, pondering my question about Dan White and looking off into the distance

"I can see you hitting your kid."
-my brother to me

"I wanna date a chef." -Beth
"Me too but they're all on meth." -Brock

"Easy on the orange juice."
-Melissa to Brian, making her a mimosa

Driving home from Cyn and Dan's in Napa, Man in the Mirror came on. I asked Mel to go through my bag, locate my notebook and write something down so I could find it later and regale you with our joy in singing along with Michael Jackson. 
Here's what she wrote:
"The good thing about having no CD player in the car is you start listening to shit like Man in the Mirror. And also, I love you."

Awwwww. Happy Fourth, everyone!

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l'italiana said...

I said what???! You're dangerous, Spots! but I jusy can't help but adore you! Happy 4th...