Wednesday, July 02, 2008

someone spray water in my mouth...

My friend and now trainer, Tim has been coming over and kicking my ass in an attempt to in his mind, get me into shape and in my mind, make me gorgeous. Tim's version of exercise isn't an eliptical for 45 minutes. Tim's version of exercise is like bootcamp. 
"You shouldn't be able to talk. And you shouldn't be able to read."
Sheesh. I used to save my Vanity Fairs for the gym. But no more. 
Now I'm doing push ups and squats and crunches and the dreaded plank. 
Oh, and I box. 
Like this morning. Tim came over, big yellow balance ball, weights and...gloves!
I feel like I'm getting good at the gloves. He's calling out punches and I nail them like, 50% of the time. (This is excellent for me) The first time we tried this, Tim goes, "I had a feeling Spots'd like hitting shit."
I'm still working on my terminology, you know, hooks vs. jabs, etc. But this morning, I learned an upper cut. With sweat pouring down my face, I discovered how to break your jaw. So uh, watch ya'selves. 
I am now setting the groundwork for a black tie party in the backyard where I box some hobo we pay 50 cents and have Scotch and cigars...

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Becky said...

Did I ever tell you that I boxed in high school and college? Yeah. I did. I'll box you!