Wednesday, July 02, 2008

shout out to redwood city...

Today's Culture Blog is up! It's a long one so grab a drink or something...

*I just realized that this was my 100th post on SFGate! Yay! Someone bring me a mojito!


Anonymous said...

That is one of your most beautifully written Culture Blogs ever. I mean it. That was a serious piece. Eve must be thrilled.

EVAN said...

Elizabeth Anne, my GOD.
I give you a lot of shit baby, but you have a gift. And I love you a little bit more today.
Aside from that, everyone Beth is on TV right now. She refuses to tell you, but she's this week's guest on SF Unscripted.
I watched you tonight and you were fucking hilarious. The Sept. 11th and Lodi digs alone---Awesome.
I'd normally say this in an e-mail but everyone should know (that I've had 3 beers), Beth, you're good. You're good at this. So act like it and RUN.

I believe we may be on the cusp and I want in on the resids.

Spots said...

You folks are way too kind.
Thank you.
I will admit it was fun to write.
And I'm not keepin' secrets from anyone.
I won't watch it, but you fine friends are allowed to. Provided you acknowledge I look way better (thinner) in person, was profoundly nervous and kept hunching over, unaware with what to do with my huge arms.
If you still like me after this, well...shit. I owe you money or sexual favors...

ljlkc said...

I love airport friends! Really, Beth, you're quite a talented writer. I wish I were a publisher and could offer you a book deal. Because you totally need one.

2nd2Nun said...

Was really great.

One of your best I've read.

Thanks for the great story.