Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hacking is so 90's...

I am LOVING today's M&R! LOVING. 
We start with off with hackers!
Yep. Some nerd attempted to hijack the city's computer system, which would have made my year, quite frankly. I bet he would've come across some juicy gossip. Don't give up, hacker! They have computers in jail! How I missed this story is beyond me. Maybe it's because Gavin refused to show at Monday's press conference announcing the hacker's exciting capture. 
Why did Gavin refuse to show?
Because he's having a girlfight with everyone's favorite Escada-clad DA, Kamala! Apparently, it's no secret that these two drama queens don't stay up all night sharing their hopes and dreams. 
I wonder if Kamala's invited to the wedding?
Then some reporter from Vanity Fair (my monthly Bible) tried to sneak into the Grove! The Grove is the Bohemian Club's super secret retreat where apparently crazy shit goes down, like Henry Kissenger in drag. The fairer sex is verboten, of course, but my dad's going with a friend next week and I snuck a peak at this little pamphlet they give guests. Because I one day wish to dress like k.d. lang and be invited myself, I won't burn any Bohemian bridges, but uh, there was some weird shit in that pamphlet. Anyway, they had Vanity Fair arrested! And hired Sam! Who "shot off" a letter to Graydon Carter.
Oh sweet Mary mother of God, this is too fabulous. 
And finally, there was some big bitchfest in the presidio, which you can read all about HERE.
Anyway, this pretty much made my morning...


greg said...

I'm at the office today and read your writeup of M and R and found it more informative than the original piece.

sfmike said...

What greg said. And I love whenever there is an outbreak of evil, your friend Sam Singer always miraculously appears to defend the indefensible. I'm waiting to see who's side he takes with the hacker, which IS a fabulous story.

Brock said...

i would blow Terry Childs -- an I.T. guy from Pittsburg! -- that's how awesome he is right now. SUCH a good story.