Friday, July 04, 2008

the best is when they cry...

God Bless America! There's a To Catch a Predator marathon on!!!
God, I love this show and I never get to see it. 
A few friends are coming over tonight to check out my neighbors and their cholo fireworks, so I should really be like, cleaning my house and making sangria, but this shit is too good. 
Why is it always the morbidly obese, 40 year old with his t-shirt tucked into his elastic waist jeans who wants to blow a 13 year old boy? 
And I love how Chris Hanson refers to them by their online "handle." He's all, "Now it's time to tell 'AtlantaStud12000' why we're really here."
I love that. 
I want to start my own internet predator sting, just so I can read the transcripts without all the good shit blurred out. 
Check it out, Americans! MSNBC right now...

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