Monday, July 14, 2008

barack's nuts...

You know, I've really got to hand it to myself.
I woke up this morning with a touch of the hangover.
From a baby shower.
Someone needs to take this Flip Video thing away from me because I am no longer capable of having actual conversations with people. I just ask them obnoxious questions and tell them to look for it on YouTube.
In fact, the only time I put that gadget down was when I overheard the fabulous, "I'm really ticked off at Jesse Jackson."
I dove right in. "Like, personally?"
"No, Beth. I don't know Jesse Jackson."
Disappointment (Chardonnay) flooded me. "Oh. So you're ticked about that stupid nuts comment?"
"Yes. What a profoundly stupid, divisive comment."
It probably took me 45 minutes to get this out, but I have three points to make.
1. Is anyone else sick of the word 'divisive'? Can we come up with alternate words to throw around, because I'm fucking sick of divisive.
2. Why do men always go for the groin? It seems like over-compensation to me. Oh, you're going to cut his nuts off? Nope. You're not. You're going to kiss his ass forever. Why? Because...
3. Who the fuck cares about Jesse Jackson? He ran for president in 1923. Dude, it's Jesse Jackson. He referred to the Big Apple as Hymietown. (That's something bad about Jewish people, apparently.) Oh, and that was in 1984. While I can appreciate the glaring lack of colorful leadership (it took me seven minutes to come up with that) in this country, I think we've got bigger fish to fry than Jesse Jackson, who should relegated to clips from I Love the 80's...

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Be_Devine said...

I thought Hymietown was a reference to the number of virgin women in NYC.