Monday, June 30, 2008

statue of liberty?

Perhaps it's a good thing I was out of town for this disaster:I have it on good authority that the once fabulous Cyndi Lauper was out of it. Like, dramatically, profoundly out of it. Which is sad because She's So Unusual is the first tape I ever owned. Of greater concern is the fact that Devine was tasked with hiring Cyn's hairstylist. What the fuck? Even Cher would be like, "That's a bit much, hon."
Let's move on for a second. Margaret Cho looks great. And even better, she makes Swiss Miss look like a retard suburban poser by comparisson.
This is Pride! Not a Newsies reunion. Why is she wearing a Newsies hat? Why? What is she trying to tell us? I feel like Margaret should give her a nickel and a scrap of bread and kick her back to Forever 21's accessory department.
She looks like she's saying, "Hey, check out me and my girls, y'all!"
Whereas Gavin's like "Is that an open bar?"


Holly said...

my first reaction was "Who's the dork in the hat?" before I even noticed Cyn's fabulous headdress. "Whoa" is all I can say, and not in a Joey Lawrence kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Swiss Miss shouldn't do hats.

Anonymous said...

Swissy should be selling papers on the lower east side cicra 1903 in that disaster. So three years ago. Let's hope Gavo is checking out some hot lesbos across the room in that shot.

Anonymous said...

That picture is proof what a great actress Jennifer is ...seriously that picture proves she is willing to dress up like a boy to satisfy Gavin's need to "experiment".
I also hear she can imitate a barking dog really well.