Monday, June 23, 2008

more homos off the market, and some perhaps, on...

Congratulations Bill and Fernando! This hot couple, who've been together for 22 years, were married on Tuesday morning by His Hotness. To my great honor, I was invited to attend and to my great horror, I was unable. I like to think that if I'd managed to swing it, I could've brought a little Veuve and roped Gavin into a sip or seven. Also, I'd like to think that if Gavin was officiating my wedding (hmmm, groom AND celebrant?), he might take a second and throw on a tie. Call me old school, but show a little effort, pal. I mean, there's probably 3 or 4 in his pockets and desk drawers. Also, it's 9am on a Tuesday and you're the Mayor of a major US city at a WEDDING. Windsor knot that shit and get to work.
Thank being said, God Bless the magical Mayor for making beautiful and long overdue moments like the following a reality for everyone. In California. At least for now.
Yay Bill and Fernando!!!!!!!!!!!

On another yet slightly related note, and I know I'll be burning in the fiery depths of hell for all of eternity based on a mere and uninformed observation, but shouldn't we have a hotter Gay Men's Chorus?

This is San Francisco! Not St. Louis! I believe we may have invented the judgemental, fashionista, leave-in-conditioner gay. At least get these fellas some better sweatshirts and some time at a day spa, because this does not an episode of Will and Grace make.

I am now being forcefully removed from the mailing list...

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Becky said...

This made water come out of my nose! HAHAHA!!