Saturday, June 07, 2008

just bring me cookies and kisses. after you bring me wine...

My fabulous, wonderful, charming, hilarious, inappropriate friends gave up their Saturday for me today. It was a bold and dramatic gesture which few can handle (Zoe paid her dues tenfold last year) and some are still in for tomorrow. Yikes.
My job requires that I spend 5 weekends at a play on top of a mountain. It's a bizarre yearly ritual that I've spent the past 4 years working on, and people are starting to get the drift of what I need in a play guest.
Wine. Cheese. Kisses. Cookies. Water.
In that order.
I work 12 hour days (once a year). Sue me.
I'm so tired, I couldn't even muster the energy to act like I was going out tonight.
Which is when I realized my reputation was starting to take over.
After my beloved crew left, I headed to the t-shirt booth where my favorite Board Members hang and where I was supposed to be working.
"Oh my god, fellas. I'm so tired."
"So where are you going tonight?"
"I'm not going out."
"I'm not! I can't! I have to be here at 8am tomorrow!"
"I still call bullshit. Anyway, I heard from Dopey that we're going to some gay club with you and Melissa. How come we didn't meet this famous Melissa?"
"It's not a gay club, it's Le Club, we're not doing that tonight and Melissa was working next to you in the t-shirt booth at intermission. Are you retarded."
(Yeah. I call my boss's boss a retard.)
"Don't lie to me. You're so going out."
Either rehab is right around the corner or I'm home tonight.
It's 8:34. I had a glass of wine in the bath. I watched half of Chocolat. I'm waiting for it to get dark so I can justify going to bed. And there's a little 2 page Vanity Fair article and a dicey celebrity sex dream in my future. I just know it!
While I'm having sappy blog day, I would just like to say that when it comes to real, true, magnificent, gorgeous, push comes to shove friends... my cup runneth over.
I love you bitches...


Sweet Melissa said...

The play was great!

I just woke up wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a tank top that says "wicked witch" on it. Nice. Thank you for all the VIP treatment!

IUJU More!

l'italiana said...

It was beyond fabulous - just being in your company, and finally meeting the Brians was over the top...Not to mention, my second day in a row with Mel. I love you, Spots!!!!! Thank you for letting us pretend that we're VIPs...

Becky said...

Um, wait, so where did you end up going out to?

Be_Devine said...

Thank you so much for the show! You have no idea how many people to whom we screamed: "We know BETH SPOTSWOOD, get out of our way!!"

And thank you for letting me share in your wonderful friends. It was so great meeting Cynthia and Dan and learning how to tell people off in a new language!

p.s. - We decided that Melissa is Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. If you know her, she is sweet and adorable. But if you cross her . . . total witch.