Saturday, June 21, 2008

happy summer...

If you were walking down 6th Ave. at 1 this afternoon, you'd have seen Kate and Jeff holding my hands as I got this!
Jeff was up at the break of dawn this morning and went across the street to grab a Papaya Dog for breakfast. Jeff is covered in tattoos, so when I mentioned last night that I was looking to add some "ink", he scoped out some places for me on his hot dog quest.
The first place he found was a sex shop. Nearby was another one.
Called "Birthday Suit."
"Ha!" Kate really wanted me to get it there. "Dude, it'd be such a funny story!"
We agreed I might as well get "Hep C" tattooed on me, but walked in anyway.
Hand to god, the only person in there was PASSED OUT. Near a sink and a mirror, an "artist" was completely collapsed and unresponsive. Someone walked in from the sidewalk. "You want tattoo?"
Kate stared at me in horror as Jeff grabbed my arm. "Pretend to look at the book, then we'll leave. This isn't cool."
I did as instructed. We laughed the whole block to the next place.
People awake.
A colorful woman with cropped hair and a million tattoos came up. I explained what I wanted. (No problem. That's nothing. Base price.) I explained why I wanted it. (That's nice. Makes sense. Don't care.)
I felt the need to know her name and for her to know mine.
"I'm Beth. What's your name?"
"Hey Beth! I'm Jessica, but everyone calls me Triple X Jess."
She had 3 Xs tattooed across her chest.
She could not have been more wonderful. Over and over, I asked her to replace the stencil. I was feeling high maintenance. "Honey, we can do this a hundred times. Don't feel bad. I want you to love it."
But of course, the next stencil was perfect.
"I love it." Kate said.
Jeff, forever low key, remarked, "Actually, that looks really fucking classic."
Triple X Jess insisted that we note her clean needle (Oh god) and said, "Sweetheart, I'm ready. Are you ready?"
I couldn't look. Nor would I allow Kate to look. I may have broken some of her fingers, but it took about 5 or 10 minutes. At one point, a vagrant watched us from the window. Triple X Jess stuck her tongue out and gave him the finger.
Kate was really the perfect person to hold onto my clenched hand. That 1660 was my beloved grandfather's badge number. And Kate knew my grandfather very, very, very well. I sent the picture to my brother. He responded, "Awesome! Somewhere, Bob Spotswood is smiling."
Or rolling over in his grave.
We had lunch at Gramercy Tavern (Collicchio, much to my horror, wasn't hanging out at the bar) and shopped all afternoon. Relaxing at the apartment now, Jeff announced he was heading to Bleeker to shop.
"Have fun." I yelled after him. "Bring us presents."
I say this all the time. I don't mean it. Had he brought gum, I'd have made out with him.
"I wonder if he'll really bring us presents." Kate asked.
Jeff just walked in. With three gourmet cupcakes from some high end bakery in the Village.
Executive Chef Jeff, folks. The more I learn, the more I love.
We're off to a 10pm reservation at The Modern, which has a dress code and thus, required us to go buy new clothes.
Yay. Yay. Yay.
I'm having, one might say, a day...
PS: (Kate's camera phone sucks) I just spent my rent and really, Kate and Jeff's, on EIGHT courses at The Modern. Oh, and much like Gary Danko, as we left, they gave us tote bags filled with breakfast.
All I can say is...whoa...


sean said...

You are in New York and DC with your friend who just happens to be a high-end chef.

Oh, and your tattoo is hot. Sexy. Cool. Smart.
Marry me.

Becky said...

My phone sucks...I was in Tahoe...I loged on as soon as I got home to see the picture that my phone refused to recognize. Yes, I love it!

Sweet Melissa said...


You have excellent taste, but Bethy's taken.

-Mrs. Griffwood

KG said...

How times have changed... I recall you being so psyched you didn't need a hand to hold, instead you were the one keeping me from passing out! The tat looks great... awesome actually!

A.Y. said...

I thought that was you and Mikey (sp?) for a second.
He's long gone right?

You're so cute Spots. Do you have a boyfriend or not? We can't figure you out. Keep us posted. Inquiring minds wish to know.

Spots said...

KG, I was a total wimp. But Kate kept looking and grimacing, which I maintain made it 10 times more painful...