Saturday, June 14, 2008

get off your ass...

And run to a radio!
Or your car.
Or the internet, which you're obviously already on. Loser. It's Saturday! Get a little fresh air, mom basement. You look like you need it.
Gavin's show is on in 18 minutes...

*Okay, he just used the word "thunk." As in, "Who would've thunk?"
No. No no no no no no. Nope. Don't. No.
He just called the blogosphere an "extraordinary revolution." I feel like a member of the cast of Les Miz. Actually, that kinda fits. You guys, we are so the miserables. Dibs on Eponine.
Apparently Arianna's ultimate goal is "global domination." At least, I think that's what she said. I could be wrong.
12:09pm: Snooze....
Okay folks, I could be at the movies right now. I am not my better half. I can't sit in some boring all meeting all day, being a martyr for litter or similar.
Shit, this is boring.
12:13pm: I've got calls I could be making.
12:14pm: Is this over yet? Please tell me it's just a half an hour.
Alright, my one comment to basically everything they're talking about is Duh.
We know.
The sky is blue.
Fire is hot.
Wine is good.
War is bad.
We got it. There is nothing Gav or Ari (heh) is saying that isn't like, "The earth is round."
Jesus Christ, this is surprisingly tedious, even for me.
12:24pm: Oh shit! I just fell asleep again.
Alright, I give up. I'm going to the gym and then to the movies. It's a sad day when that's a more attractive option than listening to gravely voiced hottness discussing hobos...

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greg said...

"get off your ass, mom basement?"

dude, you're on a roll with these....:)