Saturday, June 21, 2008

armstrong, party of three for the break of dawn...

It's noon, and I just woke up. WTF?
Kate and Jeff arrived last night and after a quick drink at the apartment ("This place is a shithole, Joanne", Kate deadpanned), we headed down to the Stoned Crow before trying a restaurant Jeff wanted to revisit. Apparently, Blue Ribbon is very cool, very good and open very late.
At 11pm, we pushed our way into the packed, tiny joint.
We were told to come back at 1:45am.
So we did.
We wandered around in the lightning and rain, stopping at The Cub Room for drinks before settling into our midnight snack of ribs, fried veggies, roast chicken and pierogies. It was incredible.
So incredible, I'm stumbling around the apartment, watching Kingpin with Jeff and wondering how it's already afternoon. Kate is "psyched to hit NYC" and Jeff has 673 restaurants we have to go to. I think tonight is dinner HERE.
I'm having a lovely time, save for the fact that in the back of my mind, tonight is The Brians' engagement party and I'm missing it. As I shopped in SoHo yesterday, I chatted with Devine who said, "I know you're flying back to surprise me."
Oh golly. I've never wanted to go to a shindig so bad.
The old ball and chain is covering for both of us and, sans me, less things will probably get broken, but I'm beside myself.
We're off to check out some tattoo parlors! Dicey!
Love you, miss you, let's form a pregnancy pact...


Anonymous said...

This entry leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I dunno...this one seems to need a comment icebreaker

evan said...

I'll break your ice right here, dork.

God, I hate it when people who live in kentucky think they know you.

Be_Devine said...

I so much wish you had taken the Gulfstream I had waiting for you at Teterborough. We missed you so much.

I'm so glad you're having such a great time in NYC and cannot wait for your return.