Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ah, civilization...

To my great dismay, I work in the suburbs. Most days, unless Amanda sneak off to Vasco, I get day old sushi at the market and 2 Diet Snapples. 
It's my usual. 
I'd like everyone to think I'm at Boulevard and Perbacco every day, knocking back martinis with Brian and Mel. Nope. They do that without me and just text the whole time to rub it in. 
Well not today bitches!
One of my fabulous donors is taking boss lady and I out for a celebratory lunch. Yep, that's my whole afternoon. I might even shop! (Melissa, you need to start coughing now.) And while I have Tim the Trainer this evening, I won't dwell on the pain about to come my way.
Because I'm all dressed up and get to go mingle with the suits!!!
I lay in bed last night and planned my outfit, debating my options and considering accessories. Some of you FiDi dorks are rolling your eyes. You're at Farallon every day and I hate you for it. Well screw you! 
I'm excited. Pearls and heels excited. Blown out hair excited. New white trench coat excited...


A Panda said...

im jealous. sitting at my desk jealous. listening to rachel answer the phones jealous.

but you know what? fran the volunteer brought cupcakes from whole foods. so ha?

Sweet Melissa said...

Bethy - your style is too fabulous for the fidi! Congrats on the lunch, you TOTALLY earned it (and then some)!