Monday, May 12, 2008

worst case scenario...

My beloved roommate is moving to San Diego to open the new Jimmy Choo boutique. Yeah, that's why my feet look so hot lately, I'm rollin' in JC's. Anyway, Joe's having a going away party on Friday night and this morning, over our daily joint viewing of DListed, he grabbed my laptop.
"I need to check my e-mail. Go switch that skirt."
See? This is why I need to live with a gay. All of a sudden, I hear a scream, "How have you not even viewed my Evite!?!?!?!"
Um, what Evite? Oh Em Gee. I missed an Evite.
Joe immediately logged on to my e-mail account and found it in my junk mail.
Junk mail? I would rather your beloved comments end up in my junk mail than AN INVITATION!
We were hysterical and instantly penned a letter to the slackers at Evite.
At work, I logged on to my Evite account to officially RSVP to Joe's invitation and then clicked on that "See all invitations" link.
There were 6. SIX! I almost fell off my chair. Me miss a party? Impossible.
WTF, Evite?
So, hot tip from me to you. Check your junk...


vansmack said...

Nerd Alert: Add to your safe senders list and you won't miss anymore precious Evites. It's not Evites fault, it's your email provider that is blocking them.

That tech advice is free, the next one will cost you a drink. You may now return to previously scheduled programming....

Spots said...

Thanks Dr. V's bitch. That drink better be at Yancy's because there's some things around my house I need you to fix.
Oh, and also, I'm still recovering from those shitty Napa Wheat Thins...

vansmack said...

I only work for food and beer, but I do service with a smile.

And I moved on this weekend from the crappy Wheat Thins to Triscuit Thin Crisps. To. Die. For.

Generic said...

Internet? Check. Faghaggery? Check.
Fashion? Check Parties/cocktails? Check.
Food? Check. Celebs? No.

Damn. Almost hit the laundry list bingo for a Spotwood post.