Friday, May 09, 2008

what is that? an extra from boogie nights...

Oh Film Festival parties, I love you.
Last night was Closing Night of the San Francisco International Film Festival and I thought I was getting there fashionably late at 10pm.
Mais non.
I hung out in that cesspool for a while, chatting up a gal who remembered me from my Evolution: The Musical article and promised to find me and introduce me to the dude whose name I fucked up.
Oh great. That's what I want to do. Eat crow to some part-time waiter.
(Phil, I'm kidding. I love you. Really. Seriously.)
My phone blared with X calling, demanding to know why I wasn't at Le Club. Um, some of us have other things to do, X.
Oh, who'm I kidding. I told him I'd be there later.
During my call, Major the Music Video Guy came up and all Hollywood-like, gave me a hug and a kiss while I was on the phone acting like being on the phone is a club is totally acceptable. He was wearing sunglasses in a darkly lit party and was bored by the VIPs.
Love it. Love life. Love Major.
Goddamnit, where the hell is Jackson.
Oh. Nevermind. There he is.
Jackson appeared and we mocked...well, anyone we found offensive.
We headed upstairs in search of Major when Jackson ran into Chris and I ran into Gia and Rick.
Gia and Rick! I LOVE Gia and Rick! They're those people who I see every 6 months and every time I see them, they're bringing up old stories and inside jokes and making me feel important and cool. Then we saw Publicist Liz and her boyfriend and then the dude whose name I fucked up came over (Steve, you're the best!) and we all hung out and it was lovely.
Yay! Fun cool people at fun party with free drinks. I love you, May 8th!
So 5 minutes after that, I was done.
I know, I know. I have social ADD.
I split, heading out to the front door and having some charming gentleman with a Secret Service earpiece hail me a cab.
Jackson was on the sidewalk smoking.
"We're going to Le Club." I yelled. "Get in."
Much to my amazement, he agreed.
So we arrived to a packed Le Club, but were delighted to find X had saved THE table and settled in for drinks, running into Art Bruzzone who is always surprisingly charming. Both times I've hung out with Art, I'm always like, "Oh shit, this guy's gonna ask me mean questions!" and I always end thinking, "Oh Art, you're such a class act!"
Anyway, X left and Jackson and I ended up chatting with an old gay. I was sipping my drink, rolling my eyes, wondering why the fuck Jackson was so enamored with Grandpa McQueen. Turns out, it was (dude I've never heard of)!
Alright. It was time to go home, with Colin the black British bouncer (Mel loves him, FYI) insisting that I take the Le Club Town Car back to my ghetto, and I have to admit, it was a fun, folks.
Super fun.
Crazy fun.
Yay Thursday!
Oh SFIFF. Don't end. Have more parties. You can even invite Jason Lee!
Oh wait. Who'm I kidding? No you can't...


Anonymous said...

Shazam! I commented before Becky.

Anonymous said...

Jackson West?
From SFist?

greg said...


we need some paparazzi following you and your crew around, takin' pics and the like so these stories have some pix!

Jackson West said...

Thanks for giving me a glimpse of how the other half lives at Le Club, Beth! I was probably more interested in the company (and more starstruck by our new friend) than anyone I would have met at the party to which we were not invited. Plus the view walking home down Nob Hill was fantastic. Suck it, Graydon!

sfmike said...

Oh, dear. Let's get together sometime for some old gay stories about ancient queens like HdeW. They're not as interesting as you, but they are definitely colorful.

Anonymous said...

You've never heard of Harry deWildt? You're kidding, right?
Jackson, please tell us Spots was appropriate and charming.
Harry deWildt, I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I could not be more jealous of Jackson going to Le Club with you and Bruzzone and getting to find out who Mr. X is. I saw you at Closing Night but you were in such a big group, I didn't want to interrupt. That dress, by the way, is spectacular.
-the guy standing with the homosexual staring at you all night. I hope I didn't freak you out. I'm a big fan and don't mean to stalk. I was merely starstruck and falling in love.

Becky said...

Becky was out of town on vacation, so don't get to excited...

Kosmonaut said...

How hard is it to get into Le Club?