Friday, May 02, 2008

rutherford pd, this is your warning...

The Missus and I are heading up to Cynthia and Dan's this weekend, where Cyn will teach us how to make pasta and Dan will put us to work moving wine or twisting bottles or...something with booze. Anyway, Cyn and Dan are pretty much the warmest, friendliest, funniest people you could hope to be friends with, mainly because they'll invite you to their pad in Napa, feed you, make fun of you, refill your booze after every sip and proclaim you a literary genius.
I love them.
Anyway, Derek and Dr. Leslie are joining us in the evening to eat and drink the fruits of our labors. Then we'll all head across the street and share a hotel suite.
How I love being a power-couple.
And I always look forward to hanging out with Derek.
Allow me to quote from a night at Le Club, which incidentally, Derek hates:
"Dude, I was an awesome single guy. You shoulda known me when I was single. I mean, I'm a great married guy, but Beth, when I was single, I rocked. You missed out..."


Sweet Melissa said...

I forgot to mention that, as a condition of sharing the suite with us, Derek insists that you are not allowed to blog about anything that happens in the room.

Apparently, there is a jacuzzi.

Oh dear.

Becky said...

Everything is subject to know that by now!

vansmack said...

My attorney insists that I make no comment. My doctor on the other hand, she might have something to say to me about that.