Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ah, that's better...

I have had the same nightmare since I was a little kid. It always starts with a weird car coming up my parents' driveway in the middle of the night and I'm home alone. Seriously, even just typing that is freaking me out. So of course, an hour ago I shot out of bed, knowing that if I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, scary people would get out of that weird car. It doesn't sound as terrifying as it feels, trust me. 
And what am I doing to calm my paranoia down in these pre-dawn hours?
Oh, I'm watching Monster
I actually don't regard Aileen Wournos as a serial killer, even though technically, she meets the requirements, so I can't say she's my favorite. But I've always really liked Aileen and felt, as she might say, that she got a bad rap. Lore has it that the last song Aileen listened to before the great state of Florida killed her, was Carnival. And now, of course, I can't hear Carnival on KFOG without staring out the window being overly dramatic and thinking about Aileen. 
I think I kind of miss her.
You know who I blame? Tyria. (God, these white trash names delight me.)
"Ty" was played by Christina Ricci in the movie and was renamed Selby for some reason. Anyway, Ty basically sold Aileen out, which under fear of incarceration and pressure from the feds is mildly understandable. But to hear Ty interviewed today, which thanks to YouTube is remarkably easy, you'd think they barely knew each other.
Um, recorded phone calls speak otherwise Ty.
But Aileen, who was never exactly playing with a full deck of cards, confessed to everything so her not-so-loyal lover Ty wouldn't be burdened with a criminal charge, or according to the interview I just saw, dental care. 
Doesn't this break some kind of lesbian law? 
Anyway, I'm slightly concerned about my mental state when I wake up from a bad dream and calm myself by watching Monster at 5am...


Sweet Melissa said...

I'd never turn on you, Mrs. Griffwood. Kill whomever you want.

And don't feel weird about using the movie to calm down. The sight of Charlize Theron looking like hell always makes me feel better.

vansmack said...

Mel, it's what's under the (fake) skin that counts....

Becky said...

Aw shucks...if those phone conversations aren't touching...I don't know what is!