Friday, May 23, 2008

8 hours to go...

My friend Dale has really fun gay parties. And tonight is his annual 80's shindig. And his birthday!
And every year, I obsess over what to wear.
What to wear!
Dale's like the BEST host. He makes everyone feel so welcome, which in turn means I invite all of my friends. "Oh, you wanna come to a really fun gay party? No, no. He won't care. I swear!"
The only thing is, I feel like if I show up with people, I've really got to rock the 80's vibe. I hate it when people use my house as their own personal bar or restaurant, as opposed to being active guests. So I've, you know, got to be an active guest.
Which means I need to dress like Denise Huxtable. And mingle. With gays.
Shit, this is like my dream Friday night...


Be_Devine said...

I can't wait! I've got a faded blue Levi's jacket, parachute pants, and checkered Vans all ready.

Carole Migden is my date. She never left the '80s. With her big hair and 30-year-out-of-date outfits, she should fit right in.

Becky said...

Hungry Like The Wolf.