Thursday, April 17, 2008

um, we're seated under bombs...

Sorry about my lack of posting lately. I lack discipline. But what a week, people!
Get a load of this shit: Tuesday evening, I was interviewed by the LA Times. Why, you're asking yourself, was Beth interviewed by the Street Sheet much less the LAT. Because I'm a Gavin expert? Nope. Because I'm a nerdy blogger? Nope. Because I hang out at old man bars? You guessed it! It'll be in this weekend's LAT, and they took photos last night, most likely of me looking like shit. Which is better than no photo at all, if you ask me.
Then yesterday, Mel and I awoke at the break of dawn to spend the day on the USS Hornet. My trip (in pearls and heels) to the ladies latrine alone is worth about 5 blog posts, but I'm saving that shit (oh, bad word usage) for the Culture Blog. I will merely reveal here that the Governator is bright orange in real life, Willie Brown holds a handshake for a really long, flirty time and Mel and I were asked to be quiet. Asking us to shut up is like telling a kid to sit still in church. We only got louder. Perhaps they shouldn't serve wine with lunch.
FYI, folks, the USS Hornet doesn't go anywhere. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

So do you concur that his hair looks like it was dipped in Tang?

Big Jer said...

I'll look for you down here in L.A. in the Times!

Sweet Melissa said...

The Gov looked really strange. I think he and Paris Hilton use the same fake tanner.

So excited to see that LAT piece!! (And the pics!)

greg said...

are you in saturday's LAT or sunday's? which section?