Saturday, April 12, 2008

top chef can kiss my ass...

With my mom in New York till the Summer, my Dad's been encouraging my brother and I to come over and "hang out."
Hanging out wth my dad generally means cooking, eating and drinking. So, in the midst of a new love affair with Michael Ruhlman, I said to my dad, "Hey, I wanna learn how to make pate. Maybe I'll come over for a weekend and we can experiment."
My father's face lit up. "We can have people over!"
I type this sitting at my father's desk, with guests to arrive in 3 hours. It's 1000 degrees inside and out, we've got dessert baking in the oven only making it hotter, my dad is out on the deck, repairing his "water element" and I am convinced my pate isn't setting.
None the less, here is our menu:

For drinks:
Smooth 80's style chicken liver Pate with Judy's Crackers.
Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk Stinky Cheese
Whatever Vegan appetizer Alex is bringing for Zoe, our vegan guest.

For dinner:
Stuffed onions, mushrooms and zucchini; a family tradition brought to us from the old world via Ellis Island, literally
Saffron risotto
Butterflied leg of lamb with mint jelly
(gnocchi with wilted baby arugula and herbs from the garden for Zoe)

For dessert:
Strawberry Spoonbread with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote and Creme Fraiche
Soy Ice Cream and Violet Crumble (again, fo the vegan in da house ... ewww. why did I just type that?)
Coffee, tea, foreign liquor my dad smuggled from somewhere

My mother called from New York, inquiring as to the preparations. "Well, mom. I just set the table and I didn't iron the napkins. I felt bad about it, and then I figured my mother would turn over in her fancy Greenwich Village pied-a-terre as opposed to her grave and thought to myself, fuck it."
She agreed.
Just pray my pate is setting, people. I feel like Colicchio is going to show up to this Quickfire and can my ass...


seany said...

If the pate doesn't set, just pour it into individual ramekins for spreading onto toast points and call it mousse. Chicks dig that shit and think it's totally cute.

Or form them into football-shaped blobs and call them quenelles.

C'mon Bethy, you're a Marin gal, you know how to deal with this shit. A failed popover is Yorkshire pudding, dammit.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Gavin is now listed on IMDB? He's in a picture with some other broad who isn't Jen..loves it!

Anonymous said...

did you see this bullshit?

what is she wearing?

Becky said...

So long as you aren't sporting a faux hawk - we can still be friends!

sfmike said...

So were our prayers for the pate answered or not? Enquiring minds need to know.

Be_Devine said...

Dinner was amazing, as was the company. Although the pate did not set, the chicken liver mousse was excellent nonetheless.

When is Spots trying out for Top Chef?

grey cloud said...

no sorbet and cookie assortment?

Spots said...

According to my father, the pate was perfect the next day. He took it to a dinner party and claimed he gave me credit. Hmmmm...

Kosmonaut said...

Huh, I've never made pate before. I should try it sometime.