Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh happy day...

I...I’m speechless. I’m beside myself. There are no words.
Oh please. YES THERE ARE!
Swiss Miss registered as a member of the American Independent Party!!!
(I literally took 10 minutes here to chuckle. Just sitting at the computer. Giggling.)
You can imagine my GLEE at opening SFGate and immediately seeing the headline, "Newsom’s fiancee joins wrong party."
Oh...Oh glory be. What party could that be, Phil and Andy?
The American Independent Party? You don’t say! Was this former Republican who’s not allowed to be a Republican because MY boyfriend married that gays trying to register as an Independent? Ah yes. I thought so. It’s rather complicated. The difference between "Decline to state" and "I hate the government" is a thin line indeed.
(I literally took 10 minutes her to dance. Just around the office. I did a jig.)
Um, the AIP doesn't believe in taxes. Or abortion. Or immigrants. Or gays. They do like a gun or eight. Highlights from their website include such gems as "If you are breathing and have a pulse (and meet the technical requirements) you are qualified to run for office!" and this treasure, "Through the constitutional process, the nation rejected the so-called Equal Rights Amendment. We do not believe that such an amendment should again be submitted for ratification." Oh, that so-called Equal Rights bullshit. Never again!
I also enjoy, "We are totally opposed to the children of illegal aliens receiving schooling at the taxpayers' expense." Oh Swiss Miss, you're such a hardass. Send those moochers back to Juarez!
Anyway, I get it. She got confused. Obviously, our future first lady doesn't really hate...most normal people. But technically, according to her "corrupt" government, she did for awhile.
I believe the video below fully represents my thoughts on this matter...


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Oh to be a fly on the wall when those two awkwardly sit down over the Sunday Times for a relaxing brunch. I mean, they must have someone read it for them, right?

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