Tuesday, April 22, 2008

long lost traditions...

I was chatting with my Dad last night over his new favorite drink, the Bronx cocktail and he was regaling me with tales of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association Christmas Parties he attended as a child. "There's was none of this Holiday Party bullshit back then. It was a Christmas Party!"
"What year was this?"
"Oh, I don't know. 1957?"
"So you were ten."
"Yeah, and it was basically just for the kids. We'd all run around the Old Hall."
"The Hall of Justice?"
"Yeah, but this was the OLD one. It's now the Financial District Hilton."
"Wait, where Melissa and I go to the spa is the old Hall of Justice?"
"Yes, and get a load of this. As entertainment for the kids, they'd do a line-up for us."
"What do you mean?"
Um, he means that cops would actually pull prisoners out of their cells and make them do a line-up for the amusement of children.
Fabulous! How great is this? I MUST have this brilliant display for my next event. I bet some hippie nixed the line-up for laughs. You know, this political correct bullshit is how we lose marvelous traditions like the joy my father experienced as a boy, mocking hobos in the actual drunk tank. Ah, how I miss the good ole days...


lsucaligrl said...

Um, despite what the media and the spineless chief might want you to believe, it's not that much more politically correct. I used to hang out at narcotics when my dad worked there and some totally non-kosher but highly amusing to ten years olds stuff went down. I'm actually thinking of starting a blog of all the REAL police stuff that goes on that people don't know because as not a cop but related to cops I figure I could get away with it and not in trouble with, like, the mayor.

You could also date my brother, who desperately needs a smart girl to keep him in line, and he could take you to his station Christmas party. It might not be like when your dad went but you're also old enough to drink alcohol.

Be_Devine said...

OOOh, Spots, sounds like you're being set up with a cop!! I know your social calendar is chock full, but you totally need to take her up on this. Do it for the blog!

Becky said...

Very Republican-esqu...