Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i love that cardigan...

Yay! I don't think my father will ever be prouder. I'm in the LA Times, bitches!
They didn't use any photos of me, but the guy in the red t-shirt (hey Thor!) was talking to me. So that kinda counts, right? Far better, I'm described as part of a "new generation of barflies." I'm adding that to my ad.
Anyway, thanks to Greg for being the first to find it. I am officially a professional barstool!


Anonymous said...

You might not be national yet. But you've got all of California now! The reporter quotes a lot of your column whcih i guess means he thinks you're really funny. What did he ask you about when you met with him?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You're too much.

Be_Devine said...

I bet the Chron is jealous that the LA Times is quoting extensively from your blog. When are you going to finally get a regular piece in the dead trees?

Oh, and what's up with the LAT reporter saying Willie Brown is a 'bachelor.' While he may be a bachelor in his own mind (and the minds of the other ladies with whom he galivants and sometimes impregnates) he is still a married man.

Anonymous said...

Loved your quotes in the L.A. Times on the “Last call.”
I lived in San Francisco in 1978 and always have fond memories (those that I can remember) of all those neighborhood bars that had such character. Many evenings were spent with cold beers, cheap shots and loud games of liar’s dice.
I worked in publishing - deadlines were all-nighters – but in between those deadlines - especially the evenings - were spent at “Toad Manner,” “Marina Lounge,” “Washington Square Bar and Grille,” “Perry’s” and “Liverpol Lil’s.” Those bars were my homes away from home as well, spending evenings with a great collection of barflies.
I remember that same year, some restaurant owners and bartenders organized an “A to Z” bar tour in and around San Francisco.
A bus was charted to take us to bars with names starting with “A”, have one drink then to another bar that would start with a “B” and so on. I never made it past “H”, but I had the best time. A busload of drunken bartenders and their customers was a sight and could not have gotten any crazier.
It’s sad that most of these bars are gone or have become “upscale. Another San Francisco era is passing and already the memories are fading.
I’ll probably come up to San Francisco one more time this summer (I live at the boring end of East L.A. County) and check out some of those remaining bars that are still there. It wouldn’t be the same though, but maybe after a couple of beers and shots will bring back some of those fond memories.