Monday, April 07, 2008


I really do believe in ghosts.
But little brother claims he "had an experience" last night and I'm slightly to mildly dubious.
After a dinner in the Marina by Executive Chef Jeff, in town on holiday from his newest venture, where he made fish for everyone but flawless chicken and pea shoots just for me, Alex went home and crawled into bed.
At 4:30am, Alex woke up to pee.
And then he saw a misty, hazy person ("I get the feeling it's a woman") in a robe without a face walk into his room, take three steps, look at him, and disappear.
Alex. Is. Beside. Himself.
Convinced that he has finally made contact with the "other side", Alex is currently planning his seance party and researching his building. In the hopes that there was some city record of where people died in San Francisco, I called Mel.
"Hey! What's up?"
"Is there a city office for keeping track of where people died?"
"Alex saw a ghost last night."
"Shut up! Oh my god, I'm such a believer!"
"Okay, well he wants to find out if anyone died in or near his building. Is that possible."
"Um, let's think. I'll call you back."
While Melissa looks into this municipal information issue, Alex is busy planning a party surrounding this event, 9 of us gathering to contact his new friend, as the group must apparently be divisable by three. I'm in charge of the signature cocktail...


Becky said...

Crystal Light and vodka?

Holly said...

You could always ask Jim

vansmack said...

I put ghosts in the same category as UFOs. They tell us absolutely nothing about intelligence elsewhere in the universe, but they do prove how rare it is on Earth.

greg said...

you can always search old city directories and find the address, then match it with the death certificates...all that stuff's sorta searchable...

Anonymous said...

I reccomend the following drink receipe.
Juicy Juice Fruit Punch Flavor in the 28oz jar
Two cans of 7-UP
Three bitters
A full jar of cherries
A full bottle of Orange Vodka
1/2 bottle of vermouth
Mix in large punch bowl
Add ten chunks of dried ice
Dip the rim of the glasses in RAW Sugar and serve chilled.

DJTennessee said...

Ouija board!!!