Saturday, March 22, 2008

alex pefers cappuchino....

I happen to like New York.
I'm a die hard San Franciscan, but this place is better. Kick me out if you have to, but it's the truth. Last night, we met up with my friend Dani and Alex's friend Jason, Mom supplying us with cocktails before she and I went off to Passing Strange and Daddy and Alex saw Young Frankenstein.
Mom and I were in the front row of the mezzanine (the balcony for you straight men). I have a day job and it's in musical theater. I roll my eyes at some of the shit I see every day, but there is something incredibly amazing about real people 'selling it' right in front of you. I had an intense experience at Passing Strange and you should listen to "Arlington Hill", available on the website.
I pretty much raised my hands up in the air and testified.
Anyway, we met up for 11pm dinner at (an in) Hells Kitchen and on the way home, my father maintained his hold on my heart.
"Wanna get a drink, Bethy?"
We went to One if by Land, Two if by Sea which is basically across the street. Just the two of us. Piano player singing standards, gorgeous Gibsons and me and my Dad on a velvet couch discussing careers and politics and family and walking home at 1am, arm in arm.
Oh, Manhattan.
I dragged myself out of bed as early as possible (10am) which isn't hard because "my" room looks out on the very busy 6th Avenue and by 8am, someone's screaming on the sidewalk and the sun is shining through Jon Cryer's window. God Bless United Airlines and their complementary sleep masks. Anyway, Dani wanted a tour of Duckie's apartment, and Alex and I finally dragged her away from her chat with Dad so the three of us could have a three hour brunch at The Cupping Room.
Dani played Snow White at Beach Blanket when I worked backstage. Both of us went from wide-eyed innocents to jaded fag hags together. As Alex said tonight, "Shit, it was good to see Dan. She's like, our family."
There's something about Dani.
I can't articulate it better than that. Within 30 minutes, we were crying and laughing and she and Alex had shot the poster for their movie, which I've named, "P.S. I Like You." Dani can find out in 5 seconds exactly what's on your mind and unable fix it, listen and identify.
Oh, and she's like, a Broadway star.
There are few perfect people on Earth. Dani isn't one of them. but she's close. Her flaw? It takes her 45 minutes to BEGIN to consider her menu options. It's like every meal is her last. It's ridiculous.
Anyway, Alex walked himself back home whilst I shopped.
Amidst my wadering SoHo, I saw a call from an unfamilliar number. Turns out, my mom had stumbled upon a street fair on her way back from the gym (I know) and borrowed a phone to call me. With the cross streets scrawled on an ATM receipt, I made my way over there.
Ages ago, I lost my lucky earring 'abroad' and have spent the past 3 years trying to find it. I'm sure BTOB doesn't remember, but years ago, we bought me $7 earrings on a sidewalk. I lost one and have spent the past few years scowering vendors for it's replacement.
Guess what I found, amidst funnel cakes and fried Oreos, today?
I went back to Mom's apartment (cuz, you know, my mom lives here now) and watched The Sound of Music and ate 'Curried Almonds' from Murray's Cheese Shop.
We had dinner at Po tonight. Po is basically why my mom lives in the Village. She loves it. It's tiny and fabulous and where we met Kerri Russell. After dinner, we had drinks at the Comedy Cellar, as seen in Comedian and wandered around until I fucked it up by announcing that I was getting a tattoo. Right then and there.
I AM getting another tattoo. But my dad hates it. I don't blame him. It's just not his style. He was mad and wandered off, leaving mom, Lex and I in the middle of Greenwich Village. We walked in silence for blocks. Every bar seemed packed with frat boys and douchebags. Mom said that she too was going home.
Oh, okay. Well, Lex and I might try that weird black door down the rickety steps next door to Ma's new pad. It looked kinda scary and small.
Mom was now in. "I've been eyeing that place. I'd just never go alone."
Yeah. we don't blame you.
Mom said she'd pay if Alex would go in first.
So, just to recap, this is the dive bar underneath my mom's subletting of Jon Cryer's apartment.
Turns out, it's AMAZINGLY FABULOUS!!!
It's big, with rooms! The walls are packed with movie posters and stills. My mother handed me a twenty and nervously asked, "Is it horrible if I order a Chardonnay?"
Casually, I inquired. "Do you have white wine?"
"Sure!" Tattooed bartender responded. "We have Chard. Is that cool?"
Yeah. I just got you a customer for the next 4 months.
'Emme' found us a table in the back by the pool table and mom and her offspring errupted into laughter at the sheer serendipty of the STONED CROW.
My mother sipped her white wine in a dive bar next door to her building in Greenwich Village and listened to her kids get really honest at midnight at New York. I will admit it was one of those moments you have with a parent, where they cease to be your guardian and, for a momentary window at least, become your friend.
My mom is amazing. Truly amazing.
She headed the 5 feet home and Alex and I stayed, sharing 1am burger sliders and a new discovery about mon frere.
Alex Spotswood does quite an impression of a Long Island Spinster.
It. Is. Brilliant.
He sells it.
It's 2am here and Lex just went to bed, saying, "Alright, doll. I'm going to bed, but my gawd, wake me up fa Jesus. Who do I love? I fucking love you, Elizabeth Anne. Sleep like ya mean it."
He grabbed my face and kissed my cheek.
I'm listening to music from Passing Strange, I have a glass of wine and t-shirts from the Stoned Crow (I even got one for Daddy as a peace offering), I'm closer to Pretty in Pink than most gays think is possible and it's all going to work out.
I don't know if you ever had the mom or dad or bother that I have, but spending 72 hours in New York with them makes me realize that these people drive me fucking nuts.
I mean it, nuts.
But, my god, I wouldn't pick anyone else.
In closing, my beautiful friend Melissa was on TV today. Yay Mel! I couldn't be more proud:


Sweet Melissa said...

I can't believe that in all that activity, you found time to put up the news clip! Thank you so much! Sounds like you are having a blast - and I'll be expecting Alex to show me that impression next time I see him.

Jerry said...

She seems just as fabulous as you, Elizabeth!