Monday, March 10, 2008

mafia, open your eyes...

You know it's Sunday dinner when your upstairs neighbor leaves a pissy voicemail at 11:30 because "the music is too loud" and "bumming" him out.
I've been having very consistent weekends, lately. I spend Friday and Saturday with Mel and Sunday cooking. This Saturday, we woke up and headed over to Momo's, deciding we wanted to eat outside. Settled on their patio, we introduced ourselves to our server and pulled out our phones. "We must share this experience. Let's call everyone and order every appetizer and sit here all day."
So we did.
Sunday was Sunday Dinner obviously, where Amanda introduced us to the game "Mafia" which I'm still confused about. Joe then pulled out something called "Phase 10." Again, confused. Finally, I just wanted to sing some T'Pau, hence the pissy voicemail.
I also took my new laptop over to Atlas Cafe and took 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get on the internet. The highly annoyed gentleman on my left had to help me out, and was none too pleased about it. Turns out, you need a little card with a code on it. It's a pain in the ass and I could not be MORE on the Free WiFi bandwagon. I wanted to get down my thoughts on Le Club, because I was pretty convinced I was too cool for school and thus, needed to capture my experience for all the losers that can't get in.
Typing away, I was delighted with myself, sure I suddenly had access to something far too fabulous for the words pouring from my fingers.
Finally, I checked my e-mail, only to discover an invitation from Dan and Jen saying, "i know it's late notice, but want to go to this fancy-schmanzy new place called le club tonight? we think you'd like the folks we're going with."
Um, you guys. I was JUST there.
Turns out, Dan got to play DJ and got a ride home in the provided Town Car. I got stuck with Le Douche and stumbled back to Mel's on foot.
So I'll leave Le Recap to Le Dan but it is Le Cool and everyone is Le Going...


Sweet Melissa said...

SO fun, as always, Beth! I think we both need Sundays to recover...

greg said...

awesome cell phone gadget porn, btw.

we must have walked right past you, since we went to 21st amendment for beers and bug salads.