Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lista questions...

Gentlemen, help me out here. What the fuck is up with a guy secretly filming teenage girls on the can? You're also going to need to explain to me this creep's freakshow sideburns, because I'm stumped.
I can understand politicians sending underage interns gay text messages or being difficult to a hooker. I can understand slimy old guys stalking 12 years olds or wearing their mom's pantyhose. I can even understand the occasional farmer and goat combo.
But pee? And not even like, "Listen, I'm really into this and if there's any way you might consider trying it, I'd really appreciate it and take you to Paris."
This is oblivious, high-schoolers in a public restroom.
I'm not particularly offended or riled up about this crime. It is, in the great words of Phil Collins, "Just Another Day in Paradise." I'm simply confused by the concept and need some clarification.
On a related note, Blindy is the new Governor of New York! I hope Stevie Wonder is available to perform at his swearing in...


greg said...

that's actually my alma mater, and my mom still works there. the school kinda went into meltdown a little, I think.

not only is he like, the creepiest school teacher the school ever had, he's also the stupidest.

sadly I can offer no explanation for the peeing thing. I mean, wtf

Brock said...

i have always wanted to know what goes on inside a high school girls bathrooms, but for completely different reasons.